General Property Management

Advertising and Leasing Services

Cleaning Services

There are many tedious aspects of renting out a single house, apartment or multiple units. We can handle all of the aspects for you; the advertising, the scheduling and showing, and then the final pieces like the lease signing and initial walk-throughs. For more information or for some general rate information please click here.

We provide a thorough and professional cleaning both for your rental or your own home; either before your tenants move in or before you return from your winter retreat!  Our rates are competitive, we are efficient and our cleaning service gives your home or rental that refreshing sparkle it needs! If you are interested in the Harvey Properties Refreshing Sparkle, please click here to send us a message for a free-no-obligation-estimate.

Managing your property can be tough at times, but it doesn't have to be! We can handle all of the phone calls about the utilities not functioning properly, to the to the scheduling the annual inspection of your sewer tank/pump, and more. To learn more about how we can safely and efficiently manage your property? Click here to send us a message for details and pricing.  

With Harvey Properties, the safety of your home and the success of your rental is our priority!

Snow Bird Maintenance

The Snow Bird Maintenance can also be used for any extended period of time that you are away; whether it be weeks, for months, spring, summer, fall or winter! Harvey Properties can take care of your home any time you are away.

If you are among the thousands of Vermonter's who spend their winters in a warmer climate, then this service is for you! The Snow Bird Maintenance is designed to provide scheduled and constant visits to your home during the colder months to prevent any winter-related issues like frozen pipes, snow storm damage, etc. To learn more or to view our rates for this service click here.